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What is Heat – treated Hardwoods?

The basic process to heat treat lumber is to cook it in a low oxygen environment at around 390 degrees Fahrenheit / 200 degrees Celsius / for several hours. Pressure and chemicals are not used, just heat and steam.

Heat treating lumber causes a numer of chemical reactions that change the appearance and structural properties of the wood:

- Lumber becomes darker in color , changing to a brown or dark brown
- Lumber absorbs less moisture, so it becomes more dimensionally stable
- Heat conductivity is reduced
- Lumber becomes more resistant to rot and decay
- Lumber becomes lighter weight / due to moisture loss /
- The wood weakens and becomes less bendable

We can Offer foloowing woods:

- oak floor and application
- ash floor and application
- walnut floor and application
- northen pine application
- Siberian larch application
- Korean cedren apllication
- lime application

From the thermal modified wood we can offer :

- oak floor, application and platorm
- ash floor, application and platform
- northen pine floor, application and platform
- beeches floor and application

. . . . . .
. . .

Everything is in the highest guality without any insufficiency including the certificate of Its origin and guality.

The darker color caused by heat treating can be an advantage when fashionsrun toward darker woods asthey have been recently. For more information You call + 420 604 877 480

The technology of the treatment of the wood

Untill the latest time there was used the chemical treatment as the only way for the prolongation of the lifetime of the wood. In 2004 European Union prohibited the using of the chemically treated wood. For this reason various sorts of technologies of the treatment of the wood have been beginning to develop in the world.

1. Drying

The drying is the longest phase of the treatment of the wood. The wood is put into the oven, where it is treated by the heat and the steam of the level almost 100°C. The temperature is gradually increasing till 130°C. During the process of drying the wetness in the wood is almost decreased to 0. The time of the drying depends on the humidity and the thickness of the wood.


2. The heat treatment

In this phase of the treatment of the wood the temperature in the oven is increased to 185 – 240°C. The steam is used here for the process of the drying of the wood. The envolved protected environment doesn´t enable the burning of the wood and it has also an influence for the changing of the qualities of the wood. The time of the heat treatment is 2 – 3 hours.


3. The process of the cooling

In the last phase of the decreasing of the temperature to 80 – 90°C the wood is humidified again due to the system of rehumidification. The final content of the wood´s humidity is very serious for its future qualities – too dry wood is unsuitable for the next using. The final humidity of the wood should be 4 – 7% in the dependance of the temperature of the heat treatment and of the sort of wood. This phase takes 5 – 15 hours. Due to such way of the treatment of the wood a very considerate product in the relation to the environment will be created. Due to this process it has also a lot of qualities (the resistance against the decomposition, decay, parasites its diametres are constant etc.). These obtained qualities give to this wood wide possibilities for its using in the area of building, especially for the conclusive building work.



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The sorts of the wood suitable for the thermal treatment


Beech, oak and ash are industrial wood species. They are broadly used in the interiors and exteriors dutiny the build-up of houses. Beech reacts very quickly on the humidity changes and in this regard it belongs to unstable wood species. However, the termal-treated beech has completely different properties than the natural beech. These properties enable its usage in the exteriors and in the places with the high humidity. For the homogeneous structure of the termal-treated wood, the floors made of beech have a comfortable and warm effect. Beech hardness is not lower than the oak hardness, therefore both of these two wood species are similar regarding to their properties after the process of heat-treating.

Density: 650 kg /m3

Hardness: 3,8

. . .
not th. / medium th. / th.


Ash daurský

Ash belongs to the most valuable hard wood species. It is harder than oak. Its surface pattern has no concuration among the other wood species. Floors made of this wood have both warm and colour effect.

Density: 700 kg/m3

Hardness: 4,0 – 4,1

. . .
not th. / medium th. / th.


The Far East Oak

Oak is the traditional Russian sort of wood used especially for the making of the floors. It occurs in the large numbers all over the Europe, Asia and America. Its positive quality is the strength, durability and resistence. This sort of oak from the Far East is characterized by the good heating power. The termal-treated oak will bring warm, comfort and peace in your home.

Density: 700 kg/m3

Hardness: 3,7 - 3,9

. .
not th. / th.


Siberian Larch

It is one of the most common needle-leaved trees. Thanks to its qualities and availibility it is often used as an outdoor siding and also for the indoor floors. It has a great advantage in its resistence against the humidity and it does not prone to rot, but as each natural wood it can go under the deterioration. Therefore we recommend to this wood to be thermal-treated in order to prolong its life significantly.

not th.


Corean Cedar – the most stable sort of wood

Cedar is the most rot-proof sort of wood and it disposes by the good heating power and the specific fragrance that is very popular in the group of the sauna-fans. Cedar has an advantage for its humidity resistence, low density and outstanding ability to balance the indoor and outdoor temperature. Cedar oil vapour purify and detoxicate organism during the process of breathing. Furniture made of this sort of wood does not contain any harmful micro-organisms. Furniture--makers like the wood especially for its qualities that do not change by the drying. It is suitable to make cedar outdoor siding – the log-cabin imitation and the imitation of the round timber houses.

Advantages: absolute rot resistant, beautiful pattern, pleasant fragrance

Color : light yellow

Density : 350 kg/m3

not th.


Walnut mandshurica / The Area of the Far East

Light and majestic walnut is used for the making of the furniture and pianos. Furniture-makers like walnut especially for its unusual texture, colour and unusual luminous effects during the light incidence on its surface. Its warm colouring makes the sharp edges more soft.

Density: 650 kg/m3

not th.



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Oak, Ash


Unfinished rustic, natur, select
Clear lacquer natur, select
Colored lacquer white nighte, other
Brush and Oil cottage, arctic, nordic


18 mm x 90mm x 900mm
18 mm x 120mm x 900mm
18 mm x 120mm x 1200mm
18 mm x 150mm x 900mm
18 mm x 150mm x 1200mm

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The garden parquets

The garden parquets are determined for those places, where the wood is at most sensitive for the wetness and the changes of the temperature. Here belong for instance: outdoor space, opened space, cellars, garden sidewalk, swimming pool surrounding, plain roofs, landing stages, garages, verandas etc.

The garden parquets are composed from the prefabricated parts. The single parts are created from the wooden boards fixed to the base. The basic size made from polyetylen is 300x300 mm. They are fixed together by the straps strengthened by the corrosionresistant screws. The top surface of the lamellas can be ether smooth or „velvet“. The material determined for the garden parquets is the birch of Select, which is termotreated. According to this technology the wood is heated to the high temperature of 210 – 230 °C without any oxygen.

The advantages:

After the treatment by the described way it receives lots of new functions:

- the factor of the tension is decreased in the range of 5 – 15 times
- the time of the durability is increased in the range of 25 times
- the wetness of the wood is decreased in the range of 40%

The durability of the wood causes the biological resistance against mushrooms and mildew.

The termowood is safe for the environment. By the high temperatures the polysacharids are dispersed and due to the reason of the lack of water all the bacteria are eliminated from the wood.

The termowood is safe for the environment. By the high temperatures the polysacharids are dispersed and due to the reason of the lack of water all the bacteria are eliminated from the wood.

image image image image


Navigace : Thermowood | Wood | Floors | Garden parquets | Other products

Other products

Massive floor

Massive floor Termo is a modern floorboard both for the out and inner use. We offer You all these oak and ash floors. We also offer this massive floor in the natural state.



Terrace board

This board with waved surface has several advantages: its surface is antiskidding and it is highly durable. We offer the natural oak and ash wood together with this board.



The floorboard

The floorboard is a classic floor cover used for the crash and it also imitates the classic floor. We also offer this floor in its natural state.



Exterior board

This exterior board is ideal for the exteriér eventually for the interior during the finish work of the building of house. It is very resistant and it does not need any other chemical care. We offer not only these exteriér boards, but also the chemically uncared exterior boards from the oak, ash and beech.



The exterior application

The exterior application is simulated by a wood prism. After the application by this wood the house is creating a feeling of the natural prism both from the external and the internal part of this house.



The imitation of the log cabin

We offer the original imitation of the log cabin /round timber/.



The exteriorboard

The exterior board is indispensable for the house exterior and for the terrace especially due to its resistance.



The garden parquets

They are especially determined for the using on the places sensitive for the wetness and the changes of the temperature.



The floorboards

These floor boards are environmentally friendly. We also offer the oak and ash floor boards without any heat treatment.



The lumber and the dry boards

We also deliver the lumber and the sharp squared boards from the countries in the Far East: oak, ash, cedar, walnut, lime in the Select quality, /The area in Krasnodar/, larch /Siberia/.



Products from the cedar wood and the lime wood

These products are wide used for the finish works of the saunas. The cedar wood is also known in the sence of curative means for the aromatherapy.



The products from the larch wood

We offer a wide sortiment of the larch wood products: floors, applications, wall applications, strip flooring.



Repointed boards

Repointed boards are used for the production of stairs and leathers. We also offer the oak and ash boards without any heat treatment. We recommend also the larch boards for the terraces and the verandas.



The parquets

We offer the termowood parquets from the oak and ash and also from these sorts of wood without any heat treatment.



The plinth

We offer the plinths from the oak and ash without any heat treatment.